2025 World Juniors Schedule, Playoff, and Gold Medal Game

The IIHF is organized by the World Juniors Hockey Championships annually in December. World’s best under-20 players will compete in the tournament. The United States won the recent championship against Sweden 6-2.

Canada will host the 2025 World Juniors Championships in TD Place and Canadian Tire Centre. The top 10 ranked hockey teams will play in the tournament in two groups.

World Juniors Groups in 2025?

  • Group A: United States, Finland, Canada, Latvia, Germany.
  • Group B: Sweden, Czechia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Kazakhstan.

When do the 2025 World Juniors?

The 49th edition of the 2025 World Juniors Hockey Championships is scheduled for Thursday, Dec 26, and the gold medal game will be held on Sunday, Jan 5. The NHL Network and TSN will broadcast the 2025 World Juniors Ice Hockey championship in the USA and Canada.

When is the 2025 World Juniors gold medal game?

Two semi-final winners will meet in the 2025 World Juniors Championships gold medal game on January 5 in the Canadian Tire Centre Arena in Ottawa, Canada.

2025 World Juniors TV Schedule:

The 2025 World Juniors Championships schedule has not been released yet.

  • World Juniors Hockey Championships Winners from 2000-2024
YearGoldSilverBronze4th place
2024United States (6)Sweden (12)Czechia (2)Finland (10)
2023Canada (20)Czechia (1)United States (7)Sweden (9)
2022Canada (19)Finland (5)Sweden (7)Czechia (6)
2021United States (5)Canada (10)Finland (7)Russia (1)
2020Canada (18)Russia (10)Sweden (6)Finland (9)
2019Finland (5)United States (2)Russia (9)Switzerland (3)
2018Canada (17)Sweden (11)United States (6)Czech Republic (5)
2017United States (4)Canada (9)Russia (8)Sweden (8)
2016Finland (4)Russia (9)United States (5)Sweden (7)
2015Canada (16)Russia (8)Slovakia (2)Sweden (6)
2014Finland (3)Sweden (10)Russia (7)Canada (4)
2013United States (3)Sweden (9)Russia (6)Canada (3)
2012Sweden (2)Russia (7)Canada (5)Finland (8)
2011Russia (4)Canada (8)United States (4)Sweden (5)
2010United States (2)Canada (7)Sweden (5)Switzerland (2)
2009Canada (15)Sweden (8)Russia (5)Slovakia (1)
2008Canada (14)Sweden (7)Russia (4)United States (8)
2007Canada (13)Russia (6)United States (3)Sweden (4)
2006Canada (12)Russia (5)Finland (6)United States (7)
2005Canada (11)Russia (4)Czech Republic (1)United States (6)
2004United States (1)Canada (6)Finland (5)Czech Republic (4)
2003Russia (3)Canada (5)Finland (4)United States (5)
2002Russia (2)Canada (4)Finland (3)Switzerland (1)
2001Czech Republic (2)Finland (4)Canada (4)Sweden (3)
2000Czech Republic (1)Russia (3)Canada (3)United States (4)