2023-2024 Vegas Golden Knights Schedule

Vegas Golden Knights have begun their 2023-2024 NHL Preseason, a total of 82 games starting against San Jose on Sun, Sep 24, 2023, and are expected to conclude the league season against Anaheim on Tue, Apr 18, 2024.

Where do Vegas Golden Knights play their home game?

The Knights play their home game at T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada.

Vegas Golden Knights’ next game, when, where, time, and TV channel?

The Vegas Golden Knights will meet up with the St. Louis Blues on Mon, Dec 4 at T-Mobile Arena air live on NHLPP, ESPN+ TV channel starting at 10:00 PM ET.

Here we have broken down the Vegas Golden Knights each game time, date, location, TV channel, and live scores you can follow.

2023-24 Vegas Golden Knights Regular Season Schedule

OpponentDateTime (ET)TV
vs St. LouisMon, Dec 410:00 PMNHLPP, ESPN+
@ St. LouisWed, Dec 69:00 PMNHLPP, ESPN+
@ DallasSat, Dec 94:00 PMNHLPP, ESPN+
vs San JoseSun, Dec 1010:00 PMNHLPP, ESPN+
vs CalgaryTue, Dec 1210:00 PMTBD
vs BuffaloFri, Dec 1510:00 PMTBD
vs OttawaSun, Dec 178:00 PMTBD
@ CarolinaTue, Dec 197:00 PMTBD
@ Tampa BayThu, Dec 217:00 PMTBD
@ FloridaSat, Dec 233:00 PMTBD
@ AnaheimWed, Dec 2710:00 PMTBD
vs Los AngelesThu, Dec 2810:00 PMTBD
vs Seattle *Sun, Jan 13:00 PMTNT
vs FloridaWed, Jan 410:00 PMTBD
vs New YorkFri, Jan 610:00 PMTBD
@ ColoradoTue, Jan 1010:00 PMTNT
vs BostonWed, Jan 1110:00 PMTBD
vs CalgaryFri, Jan 1310:00 PMTBD
vs NashvilleSun, Jan 1510:00 PMTBD
vs New YorkWed, Jan 1810:00 PMTBD
vs PittsburghFri, Jan 2010:00 PMTBD
@ New JerseySun, Jan 227:00 PMTBD
@ New YorkMon, Jan 237:30 PMTBD
@ New YorkThu, Jan 267:00 PMESPN
@ DetroitFri, Jan 277:00 PMTBD
vs EdmontonMon, Feb 610:00 PMESPN+
@ ArizonaWed, Feb 89:00 PMTBD
vs MinnesotaSun, Feb 1210:00 PMTBD
vs CarolinaFri, Feb 1710:30 PMTBD
@ San JoseSun, Feb 194:00 PMTBD
vs NashvilleMon, Feb 2010:00 PMTBD
vs TorontoWed, Feb 2210:00 PMTBD
@ OttawaFri, Feb 247:00 PMTBD
@ TorontoMon, Feb 277:00 PMTBD
@ BostonThu, Feb 297:00 PMTBD
@ BuffaloThu, Mar 27:00 PMESPN+
@ ColumbusSat, Mar 47:00 PMTBD
vs VancouverTue, Mar 710:00 PMTBD
vs DetroitThu, Mar 910:00 PMTBD
@ SeattleSun, Mar 1210:00 PMTBD
@ CalgaryTue, Mar 149:00 PMTBD
vs New JerseyFri, Mar 173:30 PMTNT
vs Tampa BaySun, Mar 1910:00 PMTBD
vs SeattleTue, Mar 2110:00 PMESPN
vs ColumbusThu, Mar 2310:30 PMTBD
@ St. LouisSat, Mar 258:00 PMTBD
@ NashvilleSun, Mar 268:00 PMTBD
@ WinnipegTue, Mar 288:00 PMTBD
@ MinnesotaThu, Mar 303:00 PMESPN
vs VancouverSun, Apr 210:00 PMTBD
@ ArizonaWed, Apr 510:00 PMTBD
@ VancouverSat, Apr 810:00 PMTBD
@ EdmontonMon, Apr 108:30 PMTNT
vs MinnesotaWed, Apr 1210:00 PMTBD
vs ColoradoFri, Apr 143:30 PMTNT
vs ChicagoSun, Apr 169:30 PMESPN+
vs AnaheimTue, Apr 1810:00 PMTBD

There are many ways to watch the Vegas Golden Knights game tonight with cable or without cable. Fans can stream Ducks games live on Sportsnet, CBC Television, ESPN+ TVA Sports (French-language) in Canada and NHL Network, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN+, ABC, NBC Sports Washington, TNT, TBS, truTV, and HLN (Cable Network) in the United States market.

Here we have broken down Vegas Golden Knights each game time, date, location, TV channel, and live scores you can follow.