2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs bracket latest scenarios and seeding format

Sixteen teams have been eliminated from the NHL Playoffs, the 14 teams have clinched the Stanley Cup Playoffs with exciting matchups during the 2023-24 season. The final remaining teams and the two wild card team positions have been changed on a daily results basis. It was unsure who made the finals.

The NHL Playoffs 2024 will continue their outstanding performance on Sat, April 20, 2024. Unveiled every moment in the 2023-24 NHL standings. These are the latest 2024 Stanley Cup Playoff Picture clinching, scenarios, seeding and the elimination teams for the postseason.

If the NHL regular season ends on Monday, April 1, 2024. The NHL Playoffs 2024 first round matchup set up each other.

2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Latest Moves:

Western Conference

  • C-1: Dallas Stars vs. WC-2: Nashville Predators
  • C-2: Winnipeg Jets vs. C-3: Colorado Avalanche
  • P-1: Vancouver Canucks vs. WC-1: Vegas Golden Knights
  • P-2: Edmonton Oilers vs. P-3: Los Angeles Kings

Eastern Conference

  • A-1: Florida Panthers vs. WC-1: Tampa Bay Lightning
  • A-2: Boston Bruins vs. A-3: Toronto Maple Leafs
  • M-1: New York Rangers vs. WC-2: Washington Capitals
  • M-2: Carolina Hurricanes vs. M-3: New York Islanders

2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs Odds:

Eastern Conference

1NY Rangers (55-23-4)114+800
2Carolina Hurricanes (52-22-7)111+650
3Florida Panthers (52-24-6)110+700
4Boston Bruins (47-20-15)109+1100
5Toronto Maple Leafs (46-26-10)102+1400
6Tampa Bay Lightning (45-29-8)98+2500
7NY Islanders (39-27-16)94+5000
8Washington Capitals (40-31-11)91+12500

Western Conference

1Dallas Stars (52-21-9)113+750
2Winnipeg Jets (52-24-6)110+1500
3Vancouver Canucks (50-23-9)109+1500
4Colorado Avalanche (50-25-7)107+800
5Edmonton Oilers (49-27-6)104+800
6Nashville Predators (47-30-5)99+4000
7LA Kings (44-27-11)99+2500
8Vegas Golden Knight (45-29-8)98+2500