2022-23 NHL Power Rankings: 1-32 team

The 2022-23 NHL regular season games continue to play by play. Eastern Conference team Boston Bruins victory (60-12-5) record and scored 125 points, again top no. 1 rank in the league. First, 16 ranked teams are advanced to run the Stanley Cup playoffs in 2023.

Carolina Hurricanes (49-18-9) are No. 2 and Edmonton Oilers no. 3 and New Jersey Devils are in the four position. The New York Rangers moved up 11 of 7 positions, and the Vegas Golden Knights last week ranked 4 and currently of 8 positions. Anaheim Ducks (23-44-10) are in the worst position of the (NHL) power rankings for 2022-23. We are including here current and previous rankings, total points, and records. We are updated on April 3, 2023.

RankTeam NamePrevious RankRecord
1Boston Bruins160-12-5
2Carolina Hurricanes249-18-9
3Edmonton Oilers745-23-9
4New Jersey Devils348-21-8
5Colorado Avalanche845-24-6
6Los Angeles Kings545-22-10
7New York Rangers1145-21-11
8Vegas Golden Knights447-22-7
9Toronto Maple Leafs645-21-10
10Minnesota Wild1044-23-9
11Tampa Bay Lightning1245-26-6
12Calgary Flames1936-26-15
13Dallas Stars941-21-14
14Florida Panthers1539-31-7
15Winnipeg Jets1743-31-3
16Seattle Kraken1341-26-8
17Pittsburgh Penguins1638-29-10
18New York Islanders1439-30-9
19Buffalo Sabres2237-31-7
20Vancouver Canucks2134-35-7
21Ottawa Senators2037-34-6
22Nashville Predators1838-29-8
23Washington Capitals2334-34-9
24St Louis Blues2435-35-7
25Philadelphia Flyers2729-34-13
26Detroit Red Wings2634-33-9
27San Jose Sharks3122-39-15
28Arizona Coyotes2527-37-13
29Montreal Canadiens2830-41-6
30Columbus Blue Jackets3224-44-8
31Chicago Blackhawks3024-46-6
32Anaheim Ducks2923-44-10