2023-2024 Carolina Hurricanes Schedule

Carolina Hurricanes have begun their 2023-2024 NHL Preseason, starting against Tampa Bay on Tue, Sep 26, 2023, and are expected to conclude the league season against Columbus on Sun, Apr 16, 2024.

Where do Carolina Hurricanes play their home game?

The Hurricanes play their home game at PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Carolina Hurricanes’ next game, when, where, time, and what TV channel?

The Carolina Hurricanes will meet up against the Winnipeg Jets on Mon, Dec 4 at MTS Centre air on NHLPP, ESPN+ TV channels that begin at 9:00 PM ET.

Here we have broken down Carolina Hurricanes each game time, date, location, TV channel, and live scores you can follow.

2023-24 Carolina Hurricanes Regular Season Schedule

OpponentDateTime (ET)TV
@ WinnipegMon, Dec 49:00 PMNHLPP, ESPN+
@ EdmontonWed, Dec 69:30 PMNHLPP, ESPN+
@ CalgaryThu, Dec 79:00 PMNHLPP, ESPN+
@ VancouverSat, Dec 910:00 PMTBD
@ OttawaTue, Dec 127:00 PMTBD
@ DetroitThu, Dec 147:00 PMTBD
vs NashvilleFri, Dec 157:00 PMTBD
vs WashingtonSun, Dec 176:00 PMTBD
vs VegasTue, Dec 197:00 PMTBD
@ PittsburghThu, Dec 217:00 PMTBD
vs New YorkSat, Dec 237:00 PMTBD
@ NashvilleWed, Dec 278:00 PMTBD
vs MontrealThu, Dec 287:00 PMTBD
@ TorontoSat, Dec 307:00 PMTBD
@ New YorkMon, Jan 27:00 PMTBD
@ WashingtonThu, Jan 57:00 PMTBD
vs St. LouisFri, Jan 67:00 PMTBD
vs AnaheimWed, Jan 117:00 PMTBD
vs PittsburghFri, Jan 137:00 PMTBD
vs Los AngelesSun, Jan 153:00 PMTBD
vs BuffaloTue, Nov 77:00 PMTBD
vs DetroitThu, Jan 197:00 PMTBD
vs MinnesotaSat, Jan 215:00 PMTBD
@ BostonTue, Jan 247:30 PMTBD
vs New JerseyWed, Jan 257:00 PMTBD
vs ArizonaFri, Jan 277:00 PMTBD
vs VancouverMon, Feb 67:00 PMTBD
vs ColoradoWed, Feb 88:00 PMTBD
vs New JerseyFri, Feb 107:00 PMTBD
@ DallasMon, Feb 138:00 PMTBD
@ ArizonaThu, Feb 169:00 PMTBD
@ VegasFri, Feb 1710:30 PMTBD
vs ChicagoSun, Feb 191:00 PMTBD
vs FloridaWed, Feb 227:00 PMTBD
vs DallasFri, Feb 247:00 PMTBD
@ BuffaloSat, Feb 256:00 PMTBD
@ MinnesotaMon, Feb 278:00 PMTBD
@ ColumbusThu, Feb 297:00 PMTBD
vs WinnipegThu, Mar 212:30 PMTBD
vs MontrealTue, Mar 77:00 PMTBD
@ New JerseyThu, Mar 912:30 PMTBD
vs CalgaryFri, Mar 105:00 PMTBD
vs New YorkSun, Mar 127:00 PMTBD
vs FloridaTue, Mar 147:00 PMTBD
@ TorontoThu, Mar 167:00 PMTBD
@ OttawaFri, Mar 176:00 PMTBD
@ New YorkSun, Mar 197:30 PMTBD
vs PhiladelphiaTue, Mar 217:00 PMTBD
@ WashingtonWed, Mar 227:00 PMTBD
vs TorontoFri, Mar 246:00 PMTBD
@ PittsburghSun, Mar 267:00 PMTBD
vs DetroitTue, Mar 287:00 PMTBD
@ MontrealThu, Mar 307:00 PMTBD
vs BostonTue, Apr 47:00 PMTBD
vs WashingtonWed, Apr 57:00 PMTBD
vs ColumbusFri, Apr 75:00 PMTBD
@ BostonSun, Apr 97:00 PMTBD
@ St. LouisWed, Apr 128:00 PMTBD
@ ChicagoFri, Apr 146:00 PMTBD
@ ColumbusSun, Apr 167:00 PMTBD

There are many ways to watch the Carolina Hurricanes game tonight with cable or without cable. Fans can stream Flames games live on Sportsnet, CBC Television, ESPN+ TVA Sports (French-language) in Canada and NHL Network, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN+, ABC, NBC Sports Washington, TNT, TBS, truTV, and HLN (Cable Network) in the United States market.

Here we have broken down Carolina Hurricanes each game time, date, location, TV channel, and live scores you can follow.