2022 NHL preseason schedule Sept. 24 to Oct. 8

The league announces the 2022 NHL preseason on August 3, 2022. USA, Canada, and outside of North America set 45 NHL and neutral-site venues that will host the 15-day event of 108 games.

The 2022 NHL preseason is scheduled from Sept. 24 to Oct. 8 which begins with a game between Ottawa at Toronto on Saturday, September 24, at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.

The following list is the 2022 NHL preseason games today, when, where, start time, date, location, and what TV does it on.

Saturday, September 24

GameTime (ET)TV
Ottawa at Toronto1:00 PMNHL Network
Ottawa at Toronto7:00 PMNHL Network
Boston at Philadelphia7:00 PMNHL Network
St. Louis vs Arizona8:00 PMNHL Network

Sunday, September 25

GameTime (ET)TV
Columbus at Pittsburgh1:00 PMNHL Network
Buffalo at Washington2:00 PMNHL Network
Colorado at Minnesota4:00 PMNHL Network
Anaheim vs Arizona5:00 PMNHL Network
Winnipeg at Edmonton6:00 PMNHL Network
Pittsburgh at Columbus7:00 PMNHL Network
Los Angeles at San Jose7:00 PMNHL Network
Calgary at Vancouver7:00 PMNHL Network
Vancouver at Calgary8:00 PMNHL Network
Vegas at Colorado9:00 PMNHL Network

Monday, September 26

GameTime (ET)TV
Florida at Nashville4:00 PMTBD
New Jersey at Montreal7:00 PMTBD
NY Islanders at NY Rangers7:00 PMTBD
Florida at Nashville8:00 PMTBD
St. Louis at Dallas8:00 PMTBD
Edmonton at Seattle10:00 PMTBD
Los Angeles at Vegas10:00 PMTBD

Tuesday, September 27

GameTime (ET)TV
NY Rangers at Boston7:00 PMTBD
Philadelphia at Buffalo7:00 PMTBD
Tampa Bay at Carolina7:00 PMTBD
NY Islanders at New Jersey7:00 PMTBD
Detroit at Pittsburgh7:00 PMTBD
Arizona vs Dallas8:00 PMTBD
Ottawa at Winnipeg8:00 PMTBD
St. Louis at Chicago8:30 PMTBD
Minnesota at Colorado9:00 PMTBD
Calgary at Seattle10:00 PMTBD
Anaheim at San Jose10:30 PMTBD

Wednesday, September 28

GameTime (ET)TV
Buffalo at Columbus7:00 PMTBD
Washington at Philadelphia7:00 PMTBD
Carolina at Tampa Bay7:00 PMTBD
Montreal at Toronto7:00 PMTBD
Chicago at Detroit7:30 PMTBD
Edmonton at Calgary9:00 PMTBD
Arizona at Anaheim10:00 PMTBD
San Jose vs Los Angeles10:00 PMTBD
Colorado at Vegas10:00 PMTBD

Thursday, September 29

GameTime (ET)TV
Carolina at Florida7:00 PMTBD
Winnipeg at Montreal7:00 PMTBD
New Jersey at NY Rangers7:00 PMTBD
Nashville at Tampa Bay7:00 PMTBD
Minnesota at Dallas8:00 PMTBD
Columbus at St. Louis8:00 PMTBD
Seattle at Vancouver9:30 PMTBD

Friday, September 30

GameTime (ET)TV
Tampa Bay at Nashville6:00 PMTBD
Toronto vs Ottawa7:00 PMTBD
NY Rangers at New Jersey7:00 PMTBD
Washington at Detroit7:30 PMTBD
Calgary at Edmonton9:00 PMTBD
San Jose at Anaheim10:00 PMTBD
San Jose at Vegas10:00 PMTBD

Saturday, October 1

GameTime (ET)TV
Philadelphia at Boston1:00 PMTBD
Pittsburgh at Buffalo1:00 PMTBD
Florida at Carolina1:00 PMTBD
Washington at Columbus7:00 PMTBD
Montreal at Ottawa7:00 PMTBD
Dallas vs St. Louis8:00 PMTBD
Edmonton at Winnipeg8:00 PMTBD
Detroit at Chicago8:30 PMTBD
Vancouver at Seattle9:00 PMTBD

Sunday, October 2

GameTime (ET)TV
Philadelphia at NY Islanders7:00 PMTBD
Minnesota vs Chicago7:30 PMTBD
Anaheim at Los Angeles9:00 PMTBD

Monday, October 3

GameTime (ET)TV
Nashville vs SC Bern2:00 PMTBD
Columbus at Carolina7:00 PMTBD
Toronto at Montreal7:00 PMTBD
Boston at New Jersey7:00 PMTBD
Pittsburgh at Detroit7:30 PMTBD
Colorado at Dallas8:00 PMTBD
Seattle at Calgary9:00 PMTBD
Vancouver at Edmonton9:00 PMTBD

Tuesday, October 4

GameTime (ET)TV
San Jose vs Eisbaren Berlin1:30 PMTBD
Carolina at Buffalo7:00 PMTBD
Ottawa at Montreal7:00 PMTBD
NY Islanders at Philadelphia7:00 PMTBD
Minnesota at St. Louis8:00 PMTBD
Los Angeles at Anaheim10:00 PMTBD
Arizona at Vegas10:00 PMTBD

Wednesday, October 5

GameTime (ET)TV
Boston at NY Rangers7:00 PMTBD
Detroit at Washington7:00 PMTBD
Calgary at Winnipeg8:00 PMTBD
Dallas at Colorado9:30 PMTBD
Edmonton vs Vancouver10:00 PMTBD

Thursday, October 6

GameTime (ET)TV
Ottawa vs MontrealTBATBD
St. Louis at Columbus7:00 PMTBD
Tampa Bay at Florida7:00 PMTBD
New Jersey at NY Islanders7:00 PMTBD
Chicago at Minnesota8:00 PMTBD
Vegas vs Los Angeles9:00 PMTBD

Friday, October 7

GameTime (ET)TV
Buffalo at Pittsburgh7:00 PMTBD
Toronto at Detroit7:30 PMTBD
Winnipeg at Calgary9:00 PMTBD
Seattle at Edmonton9:00 PMTBD
Arizona at Vancouver10:00 PMTBD

Saturday, October 8

GameTime (ET)TV
Montreal vs OttawaTBA
Florida at Tampa Bay4:00 PM
Anaheim at Los Angeles5:00 PM
Dallas at Minnesota6:00 PM
New Jersey at Boston7:00 PM
NY Rangers at NY Islanders7:00 PM
Detroit at Toronto7:00 PM
Columbus at Washington7:00 PM
Arizona vs Vegas7:00 PM
Chicago at St. Louis8:00 PM

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